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Neighborhood Crimebusters – Thoughts And Experiences

[This post is part of a series for the article: Neighborhood Crimebusters’ Web Based Community. Previous post in the series: Know Thy Neighbors.]

The rest of this article describes how you could set up a Yahoo Group as a web portal for your neighborhood. Please note you could also use other such applications like Google or MSN groups and set up something very similar. This example is based on a real neighborhood portal that was set up using Yahoo Groups. This is intended to illustrate one possible way of using such an application to facilitate communication between people in a neighborhood. Depending on the needs of your NCW and other constraints that you may have, you may need to choose another way to implement this.

[This section is detailed and is only required for those who intend to setup the group and act as moderators. Others can skip this post and click here to go to the next part of the article.]

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[This is the concluding post in the article Neighborhood Crimebusters’ Web Based Community. Previous post: Schedule Events.]

Using a web-based application to enhance communication and collaboration between members of a neighborhood crime watch group is something that many such groups have done with great success. The web-group gives members the feeling of a “group home” where all the activity is centered. It is one place for all members to go to, to find someone’s contact information, or to read an NCW Newsletter, or contribute to a discussion. In my own NCW group, we have used a web-group quite effectively. This is really a social networking tool that is being used for this specific purpose.

Most of what I have discussed in this article is based on Yahoo Groups, because that is what we used in my NCW group. You could quite easily use other such applications, e.g, MSN or Google Groups, Facebook, MySpace, etc., for this purpose.

When talking to friends and colleagues about how they were dealing with neighborhood crimes, or how their NCW groups were operating, I often heard that they were using email lists, and it was sometimes hard to keep up with all the discussions. When I suggested the use of a web-group, many of them liked the idea and implemented it. That is what motivated me to write an article on this topic in my blog and share it with other NCW groups.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any comments or suggestions related to this article, please send an email to I would also appreciate any feedback about this site, such as the overall organization of contents, navigation and search tools, etc.

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