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Yahoo Mail: Encrypted Attachments

Sending emails with encrypted attachments

I was trying to send an email with Yahoo Mail with an attachment that had a password protected “zip” file. When I tried adding the attachment, I kept seeing this error message:

“There was a problem! No file specified. Please try again.”

I figured that this might be because Yahoo Mail was not able to scan the attachment with Norton Antivirus. I could not find any way to turn off this check. I was using Yahoo Mail Classic setting.

When I changed my setting to New Yahoo Mail and tried the same thing, I saw this message:

“Alert! There is a problem scanning <doc> for a virus. Send anyway | Cancel”

I chose “Send anyway” and the it went through!

Receiving emails with encrypted attachments

While trying to open the same attachment from my Sent folder, this is what I also found. If you receive an email on Yahoo Mail Classic, with an encrypted attachment, you will most likely not be able to download the attachment; but if you switch to New Yahoo Mail, then you will be able to open it.

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