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Twitter Angels Help You Find A Job

I read about Twitter recently and was wondering how it works. I signed up yesterday and have been exploring how people are using it. 

From what I have figured out so far, this looks interesting. You can keep posting updates about yourself, and can invite friends to join. You can also search for people by name or keywords, and if you find any of them interesting you can “follow” them. Once you add someone to your list of people to follow, all their updates will appear in your “timeline.”

I just read about JobAngels that started on Twitter as a “Tweet” on this blog. It appears that someone posted a message saying that they were looking for a job, and within days, got a lot of people to follow, and eventually, a lot of people have been posting what kind of job they are looking for. I am still not clear about how exactly this works, but it does appear to be a great way to network, especially in times like now when people need jobs.

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