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MacBook Pro: High CPU Usage by mds and mds_stores

I found my 2016 MacBook Pro suddenly become very sluggish and I was having a hard time even to browse some pages on the Safari browser. I have been using this computer regularly and could not think of anything that I was doing that made it that slow; rebooting did not resolve the issue.

When I looked in the Activity Monitor, I found that some processes with the “mds” prefix were using almost 100% of the CPU. With some Google search, I learned that they were related to indexing, and it was likely that some application was modifying folders or files causing the indexing tools to run constantly.

I hadn’t made any big changes to the disk recently: All my photos and other documents had been on the disk for several weeks. I then remembered that I had given “full-disk-access” to, the cloud backup application. I had done that as some of the folders were not being backed up.

When I unchecked the box to disable full-disk-access to, my MacBook instantly became quick and responsive as before. I am yet to find out what was doing on the computer that caused the mds processes to get so busy.

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