We talk about modern world. We talk about progress in all aspects of life — our health, life-expectancy, security, comfort, and in general a great lifestyle.

Today, human population on the planet exceeds 7 billion, and is projected to cross 9 billion in a couple of decades. In more ways than one, the human species has been very “successful”. Human beings are considered the most intelligent, and the most “humane” of all animals. Human life is considered more precious that all other forms of life.

But what does it take to support this human population on this planet? What does it cost? What does it threaten?

These are hard questions. Millions of animals need to be slaughtered to feed the humans. Vast areas of natural terrain needs to be flattened to build homes, cities, and various of forms of transportation infrastructure to make it easy for humans to travel the world.

What are the ethical considerations of pursuing what we have learned to call “progress” and “development”? How much do we really care about our co-inhabitants on this planet? Do they have as much right to live as we do? Where are we headed?

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