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A Personal Database Using Drupal

How do you keep bits and pieces of information organized on your computer? I have tried notes using text files, spreadsheets, and Microsoft OneNote, etc. Depending on how organized you are, and how well you use these, any of these can work reasonably well.

Having set up websites and portals using Drupal, I wanted to try using it as a personal database organizer. On my Windows-8 laptop, I had played with Xampp before, so I decided to add Drupal to that. It is fairly easy to set up Apache and MySQL using Xampp. On top of that, you can install several “apps” including Drupal. All this works remarkably well, and within about 30 minutes or so, I had Drupal working on my Windows PC.

So how do you use Drupal as a personal database organizer? That’s where Drupal taxonomy feature shines. You can create a vocabulary with terms that meet your needs. For example, you can create vocabularies like “person”, “type of document”, “focus area”, and so on. When you post content, you can use all these to create a very well organized, searchable database.

I have used Drupal-based personal data organizer both on my work laptop, and my personal laptop. Every time I need to takes notes in a meeting, or take notes on things I need to do, or collect bits of information for any project, I just keep making entries on my work laptop. At home, on my personal laptop, I can easily keep track of all sorts of information like utility accounts, kids’ activities, my research on Raspberry Pi, or things to do, and so on.

If you are willing to spend a little time installing Xampp and Drupal on a Windows machine, or even a Mac or a Linux machine, you can have a really powerful notes organizer.

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