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Moving Xampp and Included Apps Between Windows Machines

I have been using Drupal as a personal database on a Windows laptop for sometime now and it has proved quite handy. This was my work laptop, and I recently replaced it with a new one as part of a lease refresh.

I wanted to preserve all my Xampp setup, along with Drupal and the associated database, and move it to my new PC. Here is what I did. I first backed up all my data from my old PC along with my Xampp and Drupal folders. When I restored the backed up data on to my new PC, Xampp and it contents were copied back to C:Xampp. Then I renamed this folder to another name like C:Xampp_from_old_pc. After that, I downloaded and installed Xampp on my new PC as usual. This got installed on C:Xampp when I chose all default options. After the installation was complete, I renamed C:Xampp_backup (just to save it), and renamed C:Xampp_from_old_pc to C:Xampp.

Then I started Apache and MySQL within Xampp as usual, and all my Drupal data from my old PC worked as before!

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