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Google SearchWiki: How would you use it?

I just saw a short video by Google about its new SearchWiki feature. If you have a Google account and have logged in to it, then when you do a Google search, the SearchWiki feature is automatically enabled.

Every time you do a search, the little icons appear next to the search results. You can promote the links that you like and remove the ones that you don’t like. These become your preferences for that particular search and get saved in your Google account. If you do the same search in the future while you are logged in to your Google account, you will see the search results arranged like you did. You can also add comments to the search results. The way you rearrange the search results will not affect other users’ search results.

I can see how this can be useful. Instead of bookmarking your search results, you can just annotate the search results the way you want them. It is like having all your search bookmarks stored in your Google account.

Besides letting you promote the results that you like, Google also lets you know how many other users did the same. The comments that you add are also visible to everyone.

As you can see, Google is giving you a way to customize your results, but at the same time, you are contributing to a Wiki-like database. So an extension of this would be to build associations between different search keywords. Wonder what Google is planning next..

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