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Gmail Goggles Stops You From Emailing Impulsively

I was trying to catch up with my pending mails in my Gmail account on Saturday night, and every time I was trying to “send” a reply, a math quiz would pop up and ask me to solve 5 or  6 addition/subtraction problems before letting me actually send the mail. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but answered those quizzes a couple of times as I was sending my replies. But it was getting annoying.

I looked around and found that I had somehow enabled “Gmail Goggles” to quiz me if I tried to send any emails on Friday and Saturday nights — which seem to be the defaults. I can’t remember when I enabled it, but what it does can be useful to some people. It basically forces you to “stop and think” before you send that email.  How does it work? Let’s say that you just typed a strong-worded email to someone and are about to send it. If you have Gmail Goggles enabled, it gives you a few math problems to solve before it lets you hit “send.”  You are forced to think and solve those problems before you send out your email. By then, you are likely to think one more time before you hit “send.” So if you are in the habit of sending out emails and regretting it later, then you might want to consider using these Goggles. As for me, I chose to disable them.

You can look under “settings” within your Gmail application to change your Goggles preferences.

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