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Site Guide

1. Getting Started

If you are a new visitor, and would like to know what topics are covered in this blog, you can try the following. Please refer to Section 2 for details on the items mentioned in this list.

  • Visit the Articles page to view the list of articles in the blog, how they are organized and how to read them.
  • Use the Browse By Topics menu to see the list of topics into which the posts have been sorted, and to view posts by topic.
  • Use the Search By Tags menu and click on the tags that interest you to see a list of posts associated with those.
  • After you are somewhat familiar with the topics covered, you can use the Site Search tool on the right sidebar to search within the site.

2. Page Organization

2.1 Top Menu

  • Front Page: This is the link to the main page of the blog. The most recent posts are listed in this page.
  • About: This link takes you to the page which contains introductory information about the blog, contact information, etc.
  • Articles: This link takes you the the Articles page that contains the list and a description of articles in the blog.
  • Site Guide: This page.
  • Header Picture: A picture picked randomly from a large collection, that keeps growing with the blog.

2.2 Left Sidebar

  • Quick Links: Some links to get you started with this blog site.
  • The Latest Posts: A list of the latest 8 posts in this blog.

2.3 Right Sidebar

  • Site Search: The search tool with which you can search for keyword(s) within this site. Shows you a list of pages and posts that contain the word(s).
  • Web Search: You can use this to run external web searches using Google.
  • Browse By Topics: A drop down menu from which you can view posts based on topics. Recommended for getting a quick overview of topics covered so far.
  • Archives: A drop down menu from which you can view posts based on the month in which they were posted.
  • Tag Search: Collective list of tags from all the posts. You can click on any item to view posts that are associated with that tag. The relative size of items indicates how often that tag appears in posts.
  • Pages: Same as Top Menu.
  • Links: Links to register and login.


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