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Setting Up My WordPress Blog

Being new to the blog world, I have been experimenting a bit with the blog tools. My site is hosted on Yahoo, so I tried the Yahoo blog builder first. It was nice to see my first blog online, but soon I discovered that there were more advanced tools out there. It wasn’t long before I got myself into the Movable Type or WordPress dilemma. Yahoo has almost a one-click way to set up either of these two, so I quickly set up two blogs, one using each of these two. Movable Type appeared a little more customizable, but it was hard to decide just based on that.

I spent a couple of hours reading about other bloggers’ experiences and comments, and in the end, decided to try WordPress. I used the Yahoo one-click method and setup a WordPress blog, customizing it the way I wanted.

Soon I realized that some of the features weren’t working as intended. I also realized that the version of WordPress that Yahoo installed for me wasn’t the latest. So I decided to upgrade to the latest version 2.5.1. This certainly looked and felt better, but some of the earlier issues were still bugging me. One of them is to do with a contributor’s post Submitted for Review, disappearing from the list completely. I spent the better part of my weekend venturing into the territory of WordPress’ PHP code and trying to fix it or at least find a reasonable workaround.

When nothing seemed to make a difference, I sought Google’s help once again and searched for “WordPress blog on Yahoo,” and it became pretty obvious that many others had traveled this road before 🙂 And then there was this post that said Install WordPress on Yahoo Server by Nathan Turner on Natespost. This is a great tutorial that shows you how to setup a blog on Yahoo without using the one-click method. I just followed the instructions, and here I am with my WordPress blog working flawlessly!

I still have a long way to go before I figure out all the nuances of running a blog site, but I am encouraged by what I have found so far.

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