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Article: Neighborhood Crimebusters' Web Based Community

Setting up a Neighborhood Crime Watch (NCW) group, getting to know our neighbors and staying connected with them is one of the most effective ways to fight crimes around our homes. The posts listed here discuss how to set up a web based neighborhood community and how to use it to communicate with your neighbors effectively.

1. Know Thy Neighbors – Form Your NCW

This post gives you an introduction to how you can set up an NCW and how you could use simple web based tools to stay connected.

2. Create A Web Group

There are many choices to make and this post will give you some pointers to help you set up your group. The following posts show you how to use some of the cool features of the group.

3. Communicate

Learn how to use the group message board and email features to communicate easily with your neighbors and to set up email alerts.

4. Collaborate

Besides exchanging emails, you can also share documents, pictures and interesting web resources with group members. This post shows you how to make the best of these features.

5. Manage Information

The web group also has a very handy database feature that you can use to create your neighborhood roster, or a build log of any interesting incidents, etc. Read this post to learn more.

6. Conduct Polls

Have a proposal to improve security in your neighborhood? Trying to decide on the date for the summer party? Learn how to use the Poll feature.

7. Schedule Events and Alerts

Want to mark your calendars for neighborhood meetings or parties? This post tells you how to use the Calendar feature.

8. Conclusion – Thoughts And Experiences

Wrapping up with a summary. Please send your comments to

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