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My Audible Book Collection

Last updated on May 25, 2020

Looking at my audio-book library that I have collected from my almost 2-year subscription to, I am pretty sure that if I had bought print versions of these books, most of them would have been sitting on my shelf, partially read, due to lack of “quality time” to sit down and read them. My decision to try listening to books on my smartphone while commuting and running errands has certainly proved very effective.

Here is what my current library looks like:

# Book Title Author Duration Comments
1 The Tipping Point (Unabridged) Malcolm Gladwell 8 hrs and 38 mins  Read review
2 Blink (Unabridged) Malcolm Gladwell 7 hrs and 43 mins Read review
3 Sway (Unabridged) Rom Brafman, Ori Brafman 4 hrs and 55 mins  Read review
4 The New Psycho-Cybernetics (Unabridged) Maxwell Maltz edited by Dan S. Kennedy 11 hrs and 32 mins An interesting book that teaches you how to use the power of your subconscious mind to reach your potential.
5 How Doctors Think (Unabridged) Jerome Groopman, M.D. 10 hrs and 30 mins Coming soon
6 Authentic Happiness Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. 4 hrs and 25 mins I listened to this book after I was impressed by the author’s other book, “Learned Optimism,” which I liked. But this book was a bit of a let down, in comparison.
7 Learned Optimism Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. 1 hrs and 24 mins  Read review
8 Predictably Irrational (Unabridged) Dan Ariely 7 hrs and 27 mins  Read review
9 50 Self-Help Classics (Unabridged) Tom Butler-Bowdon 10 hrs and 55 mins A great summary of a wide range of books on this topic.
10 50 Success Classics (Unabridged) Tom Butler-Bowdon 10 hrs and 22 mins A summary of books that inspire. I bought several books from this list after listening to this.
11 The Total Money Makeover Dave Ramsey 3 hrs and 36 mins Good practical solutions to make the most of your money.
12 A Short History of Nearly Everything (Unabridged) Bill Bryson 17 hrs and 48 mins A longish book, with a lot of fascinating details. I plan to listen to this once again soon.
13 Lateral Thinking Dr. Edward de Bono, M.A., D.Phil., Ph.D., M.D. 5 hrs and 30 mins A pioneering work in teaching us how to think differently.
14 Master Thinker II Dr. Edward de Bono, M.A., D.Phil., Ph.D., M.D. 3 hrs Interesting book that illustrates how different attitudes can produce very different reactions to situations – “The six thinking hats.”
15 Freakonomics (Unabridged) Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner 6 hrs and 30 mins  Read review
16 A Beautiful Mind (Unabridged) Sylvia Nasar 18 hrs and 11 mins A very absorbing biography of Nobel award winning mathematician John Nash. I had purchased a print version of this book before, and never found the time to read it.
17 The 4 Hour Work Week (Unabridged) Timothy Ferriss 8 hrs and 23 mins An interesting way to look at how we spend our work time and how much of it can be effectively delegated. But I think only some of the suggestions would apply to most of us.
18 50 Psychology Classics (Unabridged) Tom Butler-Bowdon 12 hrs and 33 mins Another good collection of summaries. Definitely a good way to get a good “overview” of the field, before delving deeper.
19 Jim Cramer’s Real Money James J. Cramer 6 hrs and 9 mins Bunch of good advice on how to make the best of your stock investment in Cramer’s inimitable style.
20 Learn in Your Car: Spanish, Level 1 Henry N. Raymond 3 hrs and 3 mins An effective way to learn some Spanish as you are driving.

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