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Lego Mindstorms NXT – An Overview

[Continued from Robotics Is Child’s Play With Lego Mindstorms.]

This is AlphaRex, a humanoid built using the Mindstorms NXT kit. This is among the many forms of robots that you can build with the NXT kit. AlphaRex can walk, swing his arms, greet you, respond to a handshake, respond to light or to objects nearby. He can also say many words that you program him to.

This is a good example of what you can do with the NXT Intelligent Brick (the big rectangular box forming torso), motors (powering the arms and the legs), the ultrasonic sensor (eyes), the sound sensor (right hand), the touch sensor (left hand) and the light sensor (on the back).

You can program the NXT using the NXT-G graphical programing environment and upload the compiled code onto the NXT. After that, the robot can perform the actions corresponding to your program autonomously.

Watch this space for a series of articles on the Mindstorms NXT and the RCX kits – what they contain, what you can build, what others have built, and so on.

[Read about the FIRST Lego League 2008 tournament.]

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