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Neighborhood Crimebusters – Conduct Polls

[This post is part of a series for the article: Neighborhood Crimebusters’ Web Based Community. Previous post in the series: Know Thy Neighbors.]

The rest of this article describes how you could set up a Yahoo Group as a web portal for your neighborhood. Please note you could also use other such applications like Google or MSN groups and set up something very similar. This example is based on a real neighborhood portal that was set up using Yahoo Groups. This is intended to illustrate one possible way of using such an application to facilitate communication between people in a neighborhood. Depending on the needs of your NCW and other constraints that you may have, you may need to choose another way to implement this.

[This section is detailed and is only required for those who intend to setup the group and act as moderators. Others can skip this post and click here to go to the next part of the article.]

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[This post is part of the article: Neighborhood Crimebusters’ Web Based Community. Previous post: Manage Information.]

In the previous posts, we focused on communication and collaboration tools of your web-group. This post discusses a different kind of feature.

Poll Application
Like all the other tools, the Poll application is also pretty simple to use. Let’s say that you are trying to decide when to hold the summer party. You could send out an email and collect all the responses and tabulate all the choices. But the Poll application makes it very simple. Click on “Polls” in your group home page, then “Create Poll.” Follow the simple instructions and you are done! You can decide if you want to let people choose one or multiple options, and if results should be displayed when the poll is in progress, and when the poll ends. When the poll ends, you can set it up to send an automated email to the group.

Other uses of polls may be to check how many people in your group feel comfortable about installing security cameras, how may would like to install one or, what are good locations for displaying NCW signs, and so on. This simple feature reduces email clutter and lets you focus on the issue.

One thing to remember is that in a Yahoo Group, if you edit the poll question when the poll is in progress, then all the existing results for that poll are lost, and the members would have to make their choices again.

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