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How Much Customer Support Is Artificial Intelligence Based?

Last updated on May 25, 2020

Many of the well established companies now have chat based customer support. This is convenient in many ways if you are good at typing: you can get support without having to go on the phone, so you don’t disturb others at home or work; you can be very precise in the info you share, so there are fewer mistakes; and you can greatly reduce the inefficiencies and mistakes due to accents of the speakers.

Whenever I have the choice of talking to a support person on the phone or chatting with them, I almost always take the chat option. In my experience, it has been very satisfactory most of the time.

This brings up an interesting question. Having used the various AI assistants like the Siri on Apple devices, and the Amazon Echo, it is very clear that such platforms can pretty much understand any question that we ask and can provide good quality information if they can find it.

So, how much of product customer support out there is based on AI today, as compared to chatting with a real person? I can’t remember any product for which I was chatting with an AI-bot, but I would imagine that there are some out there. But I do find that there are many phone-based support systems where the call is directed by a robot depending on what you say on the phone such as “yes”, “no”, “billing”, “new appointment”, and so on.

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