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Does Yahoo Answer?

When you are researching something, you probably try searching on the web with Google or other search engines. But there are times when you really feel like asking someone who knows. Yahoo Answers is one good option for you to try. You can just post a question in one of the many categories that you find there, and from what I have seen, you will get some good answers or references from people who know very quickly — sometimes in minutes! I have posted questions related to aquariums, photography, travel and many such topics that I was researching on and found pretty much the kind of answers that I was looking for.

If you are the type of person who likes to help others by answering their questions, then you get rewarded with points for every question that you answer. As you get more points, you get ranked higher and higher.

There are really three kinds of things you can do with Yahoo Answers: “ask” your question, or “answer” someone’s question, or “discover” things related to a topic by just visiting a category, and browsing through the posts like any other forum.

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