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All That Twitters Is Not Gold

In my earlier post, I wrote about some interesting ways in which people are using  Twitter. But it appears like a lot many people are just addicted to it, or obsessed to keep adding updates all day with messages that really don’t have useful information (e.g  “Oops spilled coffee,”  “opened the window,” “filled gas in car”). It could be interesting to other people who know them and are following them. It makes me wonder if the person is just plain bored, or addicted to it, or if it is some kind of a secret message in those updates. May be there is something therapeutic in posting a few updates and seeing them appear on your profile. This is probably where Twitter serves better than a blog. For people who like to type in short messages as they go through their day, writing blog posts would be more work, and it tends to clutter the blog with a lot of short posts and obscure really substantial ones.

Some of the “meaningful” ones that I have seen are along the lines:

“Watched this xyz movie – really amazed by it”

“Just read this interesting article – http://xyzxyz…”

“Car felt wobbly lately – today mechanic showed me uneven tire wear – scary!!”

“Someone just answered my question on Yahoo Answers – http://xyzxyz.”

My guess is that when some people sign up, the simplicity of the application makes them Twitter-happy, and they go overboard. After a while, it probably wears off and they limit themselves to posting only really interesting stuff. Makes me wonder if we can guess how long someone has been using Twitter just based on the content of their updates, without looking at the dates.

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