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Sharing Links With Google Reader

When I set up my Google Reader,  I did not quite realize how much of a productivity tool it is. There are many  blogs and portals in several focus areas that I like to keep reading as part of my research for my work as well as personal study. Having them all nicely categorized and listed on the sidebar of my Reader makes it so easy to quickly run through the list a couple of times a day, and pick the sites and articles that I want to look at.

Another great feature of this tool is that it lets you add notes on the articles that you read, and even share some of them if you like. The articles that you “Share” will appear on your Google page. You can also get a code snippet for sharing and add it to your blog or website; that way your readers can look at some of the articles that you recommend.

I used to feel overwhelmed having to keep track of some many sites that I follow and often used to forget about some of them for days. With Reader, I am now sure not to miss much, even if I get busy for a couple of days and don’t get to browse much.

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