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Blog or Website?

A conventional website is more structured and organizes content in a fairly rigid way. A weblog or blog is more informal in the way it collects or “logs” articles and organizes them into categories in a more automated way.

A blog grows in ways very similar to how we learn things and how we build on that knowledge. It is easier to keep adding articles to a blog on a day-to-day basis, focusing more on the content of your writing, and not on the “editing” of the webpages, as is the case with a website.

Most enthusiasts who want to have a site of their own are confounded with the dilemma: Website or a Blog? From my personal experience, it is good to have both in the long run. You can start with a blog and keep writing about stuff you have in mind. When you have a good collection of articles, you can think of organizing them by referencing them from your website.

How does this work? Do you have to rewrite all the articles for the website?

Continued in the post Building A Website Over A Blog.

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