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Creating A Website With WordPress

[This post is part of the article Starting A Blog – Thoughts And Experiences.]

Even though WordPress is primarily used like a blog tool, it offers very convenient features by which you can set up a conventional website with it. I started out with WordPress to set up this blog, and was planning to develop a separate website that referred to posts and pages from this blog.

I created some top level “navigation” type pages for my blog, to guide readers on how to use this blog, where to find the articles, and so on. Exploring a bit more, I figured how to make any arbitrary page or post as the “front page” of my blog, i.e, the page that is shown as the blog home page.

So, if any page can be the home page, you can see how you can make your blog look like a conventional website. The front page can have sub-pages, or links to other pages. It can also have links to posts. You can even setup a link to point to a category using the permalinks. With this discovery, I have decided to confine my website development to something I can build with WordPress’ native features. I may, at some point, use Microsoft Expression or other such tool to build a website ground up, and use my WordPress posts and pages for the content by referring to them.

Over the last couple of days, I have been helping to create a real company website using WordPress. I set up WordPress just as I did for my blog to start with. Then I started creating all the navigation tabs for the website by creating WordPress “pages”. The site will have about 6-8 top level navigation pages. Most of the material will be contained in these pages, and some sub-pages.

The blog posts in this company site will mostly be used for any announcements and updates. We also got creative and published a “Request for feedback” post where the visitors can enter their comments. There is also a top level “Comments” page that points to this post, to guide visitors from the front page to the post where they can write their comments.

This site is still under construction. There are still a number of things being tried out. I will update this post as and when I find something interesting to write about from that project.

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